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We are now Hwy52 Digital!

We are now Hwy52 Digital!

Earlier this month we changed our name to Hwy52 Digital. We made this change to more accurately position our business within the category of "Digital Marketing Agency".

Digital marketing is sometimes referred to as web marketing, online marketing or internet marketing. It is really the umbrella term that we feel best fits the range of services we have been providing that include: web development, social media management, pay per click management (AdWords, Facebook etc) and SEO services.

Just our name has changed. Our focus continues to be in providing small to medium sized "local" businesses a range of affordable digital solutions that get measurable results.

Please call me if you have any questions.

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About Us / Our Services

About Us / Our Services

For many business owners sorting out fact from fiction regarding how to use the internet to grow their business can be a real challenge. There is an over abundance of information on the topic and answers are often hard to come by or overly technical. What is SEO? Does internet marketing really work? Where do I host my website? What about security? How does it all work anyway?

At Hwy52 Digital we provide easy to understand solutions that help businesses to grow using the internet. Whether you have a new business or want to grow your existing business, we provide everything needed to create and maintain an effective web presence. We will create and maintain a great looking website for your business, along with a custom digital marketing campaign to help convert online inquiries into new customers. We provide maintenance for your website, security, backups, web hosting, email hosting as well as social media services. We manage the entire process and take care of all the technical details so you can focus on what you do best - which is run your business.  Here is a summary of our services:

Domain Name Registration

If you do not already have one you will need a domain name prior to getting started with your online efforts. We have been providing domain registration services since 2008. Additionally, we can assist in deciding what domain name to register, what domain extension is best (.ca, .com etc.) and advise regarding common mistakes people make when choosing a domain name. If you prefer, you can register your domain name yourself at mydomains.hwy52.com or just call us directly and we will do it for you.

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How to Generate SSH Keys & Connect to your VPS with PuTTY

This is a a bit (ok more than a bit) geeky but I wanted to share my notes on how to SSH to a remote server using PuTTY and public key authentication. People seem to have a lot of trouble with this - mostly with the dredded "server refused our key" error. There are several ways to set up PuTTY to use public key authentication. The method below has worked successfully for me many times -  mostly connecting to our CentOS VPS. I am sharing with you assuming you already have some basic Linux command line knowledge, you know what PuTTY is and that you understand you are using these instructions at your own risk.

  • ssh to server via PuTTY using your user name and password. The user name should be the same user you will be logging in as via PuTTY. I do not recommend using root. You should be in your home directory if not :
    cd ~
  • mkdir ~/.ssh
    chmod 700 ~/.ssh
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In addition to providing web hosting services we also provide email hosting services - both as part of our web hosting packages and as a stand alone service.

Setting up and managing an email client can be a challenge, especially as more and more customers need to check their email on multiple devices (mobile, tablet, desktop etc.). One area of confusion I often see involving email configuration has to do with what email retrieval connection protocol to use - POP or IMAP.

There is no single answer as to whether you should configure your mail client to connect using POP or IMAP. Everyone works differently and there is no single solution that will work for everyone. This post is not meant to be a comprehensive tutorial on internet email but is written as an introduction to the POP and IMAP protocols with the goal of helping you to better understand and configure your email across multiple mail clients.

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