By Keith McCartan on Monday, 07 December 2015
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About Us / Our Services

For many business owners sorting out fact from fiction regarding how to use the internet to grow their business can be a real challenge. There is an over abundance of information on the topic and answers are often hard to come by or overly technical. What is SEO? Does internet marketing really work? Where do I host my website? What about security? How does it all work anyway?

At Hwy52 Digital we provide easy to understand solutions that help businesses to grow using the internet. Whether you have a new business or want to grow your existing business, we provide everything needed to create and maintain an effective web presence. We will create and maintain a great looking website for your business, along with a custom digital marketing campaign to help convert online inquiries into new customers. We provide maintenance for your website, security, backups, web hosting, email hosting as well as social media services. We manage the entire process and take care of all the technical details so you can focus on what you do best - which is run your business.  Here is a summary of our services:

Domain Name Registration

If you do not already have one you will need a domain name prior to getting started with your online efforts. We have been providing domain registration services since 2008. Additionally, we can assist in deciding what domain name to register, what domain extension is best (.ca, .com etc.) and advise regarding common mistakes people make when choosing a domain name.

Website Development & Hosting

Today's websites are best designed using an approach known as responsive web design (RWD). RWD is a term that refers to websites that can be viewed optimally across a ranges of devices - phone, tablet, desktop etc. We design and build "responsive" websites for many types of small businesses and can also provide graphic design and copy writing services if needed. Of course, we also provide hosting services for your website on our state-of-the-art servers that are powered and secured by IBM/Softlayer in Toronto.

Email Hosting

Our offering also includes email hosting services which allows you to send and receive email from your own domain. Our mail service includes antispam, antivirus as well as webmail so you can to check your email from almost any device.

Digital Marketing

To grow your business you will need to drive targeted traffic to your website, and there are many ways to do that. Search engines like Google and BING are, and will continue to be, the dominant way people find products and services online. We understand how search engines work and have extensive experience using search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click strategies (i.e. Google AdWords) to drive traffic to our customers' websites.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a popular method you can use to create interest in your business and drive traffic to your website. Social media is also a great way to engage directly with your customers and to reinforce your brand messaging. We provide complete social media marketing services including strategy implementation as well as registering and setting up popular social media properties including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

Analytics & Reporting

The axiom "If you can not measure it you can not improve it" is certainly relevant when it comes to your internet effort and we have you covered here as well. We provide customers with the all reports and metrics they need to understand their internet effort through an easy to understand browser based dashboard that can be accessed anytime.

Flexible Pricing Plans

We have flexible pricing plans for every budget and no long term commitment is required. Our FLEX plans are simple, easy to understand and there are no hidden fees. To speak with someone about getting started call us today at (905) 901-3886.  You can also send us your information via our contact form and we will be sure to get back to you right away.